Maybe it is time

to leave

this artificial womb.

Split this chrysalis,

and see what I’ve become.

Ever since a young boy,

I have tried

to hide

my trauma

and my treasure.

Not so easy


I’m skinless in the desert.

Under an endless sky,

waiting for nature

to take her course,

but my God,

is she ever slow,

so I get bored

and wander off.

They set up a tin-man.

No heart

and useless armor.

Shot through,

like an old soda can,

by 13 year old me

with my new BB gun.

Wish I could string it all together,

but I’m trying

and that’s half the fun.

Sitting here,

trying to make sense

of a universe

that is so far beyond me.

But for some

unfathomable reason,

we evolved to be able to perceive

the Universe,

the quantum particle,

and the multiverse.

Not bad for a chimp.

Wonder what I’ll become next?

What color will my wings be?

Where will they carry me?

Will I make it?

Sick of sober questions.

There used to be a time

when experience,

would precede the inquiry,

but I’m older, now.

I’ve learned the price

of impatience,

and the value

of lingering in the moment.

I hope my new wings

will shelter those who need it.

Crack the shell,

and peek out,

like a child beneath the covers

checking to see

if the monsters are gone.

I know they are not,

but what must be done,

must me done.

Here I go.

Another trip begins.



HG – 2022

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