Gonna Be Okay


“It’s gonna be okay.”

Such a convincing lie.

But it’s alright.

It’s true half of the time.

We were fools to feel this way.

We only fall apart.

When we fall in love

we turn


into art.

Beautiful destruction.

Tragically engaged.

Our only distraction

from all the pain.

“It’s gonna be okay.”


No one knows the truth,

so we make up our own

and share them in the night

with fondness we have grown.

Chasing treasures here,

like a rabbit down a hole.

We would do anything

to keep pretending

we are in control.

Not falling down,

tumbling from night

into the day.

Praying someone comes

and says,

“It’s gonna be okay.”


Praying for a savior.

Yearning for a friend.

Missing a parent.

The journey never ends.

An accidental fortune

which fate sometimes extends,

and we find an existence

that another comprehends.

What an absolute mess,

yet we still

try to believe

that everything’s

just what it seems.

The darkness

is banished with the day

and whispered words;

“It’s gonna be okay.”



HG – 2022

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