Beauty and The Mad Cycle


The kind of beauty

you can touch.


not you.

Not anymore.


the kind of beauty

that evokes guilt

and shame,

and a shit storm

of emotions

you’ve spent a decade

trying to drive away,

smoke away,

snort away.




Ever since a young man,

you let emotion


your better sense.

Which is a shame, too.

Because, you were always intelligent.

Just not very smart.




and a vicious cycle is born.

Trust me.

I know.

Bought the ticket,

took the ride.

But now,

all that’s left

is a hollow echo

of regret.

Lonely nights

where you feel like

ending it all.

The kind of beauty

that you have to let go

to save your soul.

The kind of world

that allows that beauty

to exist

is still one

worth living in.



HG – 2022

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