Making a way,

holding the pieces

in my hands.

Knowing the assembly

by a lifetime

of instruction.

Trace the pain

as wounds upon my heart

and put it all together,

even though it falls apart.

Build a tangle,

just to unravel

on a beautiful day.

Nothing ever stays the same.

Chaos in the clouds.

Deep, purple haze

threatening rain,

promising pain,

sure to over-deliver.

Captain of the day,

seize the ship

and steal away

into uncharted waters.

Never bother to look at the map.

The stars are there,

we just can’t see past

the blazing Sun,

or echoes of our past.

We’re going forward,

no doubt about that.

See the connection

between people,

places and things.

Solve the puzzle

and see what fresh hell

it brings.

No sort of sorcery

can make the heavens sing,

But our reaching out

to touch the next ring,

take the next step,

put the universe back together again.


the here and now

to there and tomorrow

is what life’s all about;

making sense of everything.



HG – 2022

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