Restoring Wild


Come wandering.

Too long

you have let your pleasure

sit you,

holed up in your

palace of disdain.

No love breaching your walls,

a fortress of disorder.


Your laugh

becomes a cough.

Choking on bitterness

and irony.

You used to see humor,

until sarcasm

became your tainted methadone.


Played upon your victimhood.


to whom every door

was rent from its hinges

before you.


who claimed power,

and influence,

and broke the hearts

of all who tried

to keep your company.


A victim?


But, only of yourself.

Deception played you deftly,

only because

it found in you

a willing participant.

You used to be

a wild thing,

and one of the ways

the world

tames and captivates

wild things

is to break them.


So, here you are.

An exhibit in the menagerie

of broken creatures.

Hidden away,

no longer decent

for display.

Your cruel bitterness

has changed you

from a trophy,

to a pet,

to a yard animal.


Come wandering with me.

Shake of the consequence

of “Could have beens”

and crumbling destinies.

Stand up,

walk outside,

and realize

that the shackles of despair

with which you have chosen

to adorn yourself,

are rusted through

and easily broken.


Come with me.

I will show you

what it means

to be wild again.

We can chase shadows

by moonlight,

climb mountains,

and try to catch the sky.

We will drink the clear waters

of places in this world

that still remain



Give up your privilege

and your entitlement.

Forget your gifts

and your disappointments.

Out here,

all things live and die

as a consequence

of their heart,

and their soul,

and their actions.


Soon enough,

you will no longer

be toxic.

You will be refined

by sun,

and wind,

and rain,

into that pure


and wild thing




HG – 2022

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