Hands of Angels


There is no hope


the tips of our fingers.

No help

coming from the stars.

No unseen force,

or super power;

the only hope we have

in this world,

is ours.


We pray for help,

and the answer we receive

is other humans.

We cry for comfort

and a shoulder appears.

We ask for great things to be done,

and here comes

another one,

and another one,

until the task’s completed.



there is nothing

we can’t do,

if we but keep

a forward guiding light.

I don’t pretend

to understand

the secrets of the universe,

but I have learned

how to fight.


Learn how to love,

and trust,

and lean on others,

and be someone to lean on

in their time.

To help build,

and grow with other people in mind.

The circle comes around.

The cycle lives a life.


When we pray,

God sends us angels,

we never see their wings.

But there are enough of us

that we can do anything.

Reach out and touch the hand

of a neighbor,

a stranger.

They might be an angel;

an answer to a prayer.



HG – 2022

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