Mental Health Monday – 08.15.22



Comfort. Pride. Ego.

The downward spiral of “Good enough”.

It’s a trap we all fall into, like a cunning spider’s web we cannot avoid.

We want to think that the work we have done is sufficient. We want to believe that we know the way, and the path, and that we are far enough through its narrow reaches that we can no longer be knocked off into the ditches of mud, and thorns, and chaos.

But these things are not true. Entropy and decay are the natural order of the universe. They are our birthright, down to our genetic level, as our cell replication falters over the decades and we slowly age away into nothingness.

This is the fact our brains are trying to avoid. We are dying. Everyday.

There is no way to combat it in full. No fountain, or stone, or elixir that has solved the end of our journey, but there is one thing that seems to aid us in defying time’s immutable sentence; struggle.

Doing physically and mentally hard things ses to add quality, if not quantity to life. Learning new things at any age has been shown to help us develop new neuropathways in our brains and stave off aging. Vigorous exercise grows new cells and strengthens the body and mind, deep into life, and fasting and good rest (how sleep has become a sacrifice is a strange phenomenon for another day) help us shed dead cells and grow and repair new ones.

Conquering our fears makes us stronger. Confronting our demons makes us braver. Doing hard things makes us better, and learning new things doesn’t just makes us smarter, it keeps us younger.

So why don’t we do it?

Comfort. Pride. Ego.

The downward spiral of “Good enough”.


Have a great week.

Be safe. Be loved. Be good to others.

Stay #SavageAndWonderful


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