The Value of Waiting


Playing on all my fears.

Drawing out all my anxieties.


who I am

in the cold light of morning.

Extricate myself

from the maze I’ve built.

The subtle twists and turns

that dead ended.


When I was a child,

I never had the knack

for solving

complex puzzles.

Fact is,

I just didn’t have the patience.

But over time,

I have learned

the value of waiting.


Taking my time,

slowly investigating the problem.

Set aside

the things that do not matter,


the core requirements.


Draw out the beauty

from what could be

otherwise debilitating.

Make it my own.

Let no stone

go unturned.

Finding a place

for myself

within myself.


Even if the world

cannot provide

that special thing,

then existence

is still imperative.


Fashioning a way

past fear,

through the anomalies.

Thrive in all of this,

despite all that might come.


Exist in Love.

Let go of fear.

Make a home here.

It only takes time.


Take the time.



HG – 2022

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