The Most Ignored Miracle


Taking a breath

and letting go.

Gritting my teeth

and hanging on.

Finding my feet,

enough to run away.

Finding the will


to stay.


The words appear upon the page,

as if through some



Life unfolds each day

revealing the most ignored

miracle in the world.


Eyes open

and here we are.

Close them

and we go away.

No one left to explain

the mystery

of who we are,

or why we remain.


Questions in the clouds.

Trouble on the ground.

So many confused

and concerned faces,

but they have eaten

of the fruit

and been deceived.

Life isn’t as hard as it seems.


It’s just letting go

and holding on.

It’s walking away

from what is wrong,

and staying in the day,

long enough to sing your song

and then disappearing

in the twilight.


There are miracles

all around.

We can sing

and bring them out.

Like the sun

rising with the dawn;

the most ignored

miracle of all.



HG – 2022

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