The Cycle of The Serpent


Does the Universe

long to return

to darkness?

Are being

and uncreation

the cycle of the serpent?

Is there a future

out there

with no past?

Is there an end,

or is it all

new beginnings?



claims another mind.

The Universe shifts,

at least

all visible light

now has new eyes

to perceive it,

and so

we see the start

of a new beginning.


The observer

closes their eyes

one final time,

and the phenomenon reverts

back to what it was.

Alive or dead

we change the Universe

around us.


I don’t think we understand

the part we play

in all of this.

Are we in the orchestra?

Or the audience?

Sometimes it feels

like we conduct

and others like

we cannot hear the band.


Old things fall away.

New things are born.


opens its eyes

and a star shines

on a new mind

for the first time.

What new thing

will it illuminate?

What does this say

about us?



HG – 2022

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