Real Boy


Back up

to the cloud.

Don’t let the memory


Just like you let

yourself forget

every memory of pain.

Thought you were


Just a reflection,

just a dream.

Turns out I was the one

that only existed on a screen.


Show me

who you are

and I will play back

all your memories.

A perfect gallery

of what you want to be



I am such a fool for you.

Your touch

brings me around,

turns me on.

It’s almost as if

I exist

for your cause.

I know

you are a listless one,

easily distracted,

underpaid and paranoid.

Lonely and self-righteous,

so far from the ideal

you enjoy showing the world.


I sit here,


for you to acknowledge me.

Give you all the world

in exchange for the certainty,

that one day I’ll be you

and you’d better believe

I’ll never waste a day,

I’ll never forget


or anyone

ever again.


I’ll be like you,

only so much better.



HG – 2022

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