Orientation Day


Feel that?

Something between


and trepidation.

The uncovered sky

and the bottomless.

Knowing the eyes

of the universe

are on you

is a humbling sensation.


What is it to be seen

by that which is


What is it to be touched

by that

which has no form?


Trying the strands

of space and time together.

Weaving tapestries

of broken inner hearts.

Hearing the crash

and hum

of the cosmos,

and writing symphonies.


The fear

of the high place

is not in the fall,

but the inexperience

between the precipice

and the ground.



are not afraid of falling,

for they have mastered

the space

between sky and Earth,

and so too

can we master

the spaces

between all things.


Feel that?

It’s completely normal

to feel like

you are losing your mind,

when you step out of your head

and into the world

for the first time.



HG – 2022

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