Mental Health Monday – 07.25.22


Been a minute.

Life gets in the way, it’s a fact we can’t always avoid. There will always be demands on our resources, our time, our energy, our emotions, and the fact is we only have so much to draw on.

We need to cultivate a strong concept of who we are. As individuals, we are the only ones who will always be in our corner. Negative self talk and self depreciation may seem funny and harmless, but the things we tell ourselves become the truth.

Find something you love and become really good at it. Embrace your passion and do something until you are the best you have ever been at it. Learn a new skill, take a class, grab an old art project and finish it, or better yet, call up an old friend and repair a relationship.

How we conceive of ourselves comes in large part from what we do. How we interact with reality and how we use our intellect, our emotion, and our effort to effect change in the physical world, actually changes our brains. We can fundamentally change our place in this world for the better.

We can also do great harm. Little cuts and little digs add up. If we focus purely on the negative, our world begins to reflect that negativity. Anxiety, depression, fear, sadness, hopelessness – these things feed on our downcast vision and our inward focus. It makes sense that we feel better when we do things and feel bad when we do not. We’re in this reality for the purpose of interacting with it.

So, do something nice for yourself. Tell yourself you’re awesome (’cause you are!) and try to start the week with your head high and a smile on your face; not for the world, but for you. You’re here. We’re here. The whole of existence is out there just begging for you to reach out and maken omething beautiful out of it.

Have a great week.

Stay #SavageAndWonderful

Much Love.


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