Order and Chaos


The first words

out of your mouth

gave me the last thing

I expected.

I didn’t know I needed

all of this,

or anything.


The first thoughts

in my head

were defensive,

even angry,

and then sadness,

as I realized

how wrong I was.


You and I

started off the same,

just a couple cells,

a half a world away.

Now, here we are

sharing the same pain

and taking it

two different ways.


I admire your strength,

your positivity,

and your discipline.

The way you always seem

so together.

Everything in its place

and I place for everything.

It seems the only thing

that confounds you

is me.


“Chaos” is my name,

and emotion is my bloodline.

I am cast about

on seas bigger than me.

Not opposed to order,

but there’s something


in protecting myself

from this existence.


Here we sit,

experiencing the same thing.

Two lives,

two different ways.


makes a spectrum

of what could be so plain,

but between the two of us,

we paint a masterpiece

and then we go

our separate ways.



on your ordered adventure.

Me, off on my inspired gaze.

We’ll meet back here.

The circle always curves.

When it brings us back together,

the first words

out of your mouth

will be the last thing

I expect.



HG – 2022

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