Gravity and Me


Gravity and me

have always been

mutual abusers.

Holding me down,

while I

never let go.

So afraid

of losing my way

in that great, blue unknown,

because I know

it fades to black

the further I explore.

Clipping my own wings.

Keeping myself in a jar.

Climbs as I might,

I just slide back


to the bottom


Some think it’s insane

to deny

the ability to fly.

I see them out there,

getting up so high.


one comes crashing down,

and I’m thankful for gravity,

keeping me around.

But my heart yearns for the clouds.

Even gravity

whispers to me,

tells me she

will set me free.

I just have to learn

to let go of the world

and live the life

of who I am to be.

She says,

“You don’t belong to me.”

and I feel my skin

start to prick,

as the weight of existence

lifts off my skeleton.

Off I go;

wherever I please,

waving “Good-bye”

to gravity.



HG – 2022

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