the pain.


is part of the experience.

One doesn’t get to fill the void

without first drinking in

its nothingness.


Maybe there’s a point to all of this?

The constant


just seem to

grind away

at who we are,

but who we could become

makes the grist worthwhile.

Something of a song to live by.


It might be Mozart,

it might be Hendrix.

I just might be

another one of those

who took their own life,


they couldn’t live with

the constant

turn of the wheel.


Turn it up a little bit.

Let’s wake the neighbors

and let them know we’re experiencing,

existential difficulties.

Stress and the strain,

of being a being

whose being doesn’t mean

what they thought it did.


Fallen under a cold pallor

of success.

Some of us weren’t designed for this.

This race

has the gun

at the end.

Who’s gonna want to be first,

if the prize is the box?

Have we even thought

that maybe we weren’t supposed to go

any which way,

but up?


Linear thought is a waste.

We’re beings of multiple planes,

not craving escape,

but finding our way

out of our misery

through music

and light.


Passive like a common energy.

Aggression only breaks gravity.

We’d be free if we could see

that it’s only the end

of the world that we perceive.


No masters,

no slaves.

No morning,

no day.

No war,

no way

to conflate

our beckoning deaths

with our faith.


So many sold their estate

before they made

their place.

Imagine giving up breathing

before you had ever drawn a breath.

A life worse than death.

Hard to impress

anyone who knows what’s going to be left.


It’s all okay,

just stay afraid.

Keep the bad words out your mouth

and the bad thoughts

out of your brain.

Insulate inside a state of decay.

Isolate and abdicate your own fate.


This is insane,

but it makes sense.

I think it’s gonna rain

at the end.

Will it put out the blaze?



HG – 2022

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