Patterns in The Sky


Settle out all of this.

Never mind the consequence.

Holding high,

tracing a pattern in the sky.

Facing arrival, now.

Time has come to put it down.

Here we are,


on awakening out

of this sleep,

of this dream.


We know nothing

is ever what it seems.

We go to work,

go home,

go to sleep

and home we’re not alone

when we bring it in.

So much life,

bright eyes and a smile.

No envy here,

no transgression, either.

Fate traces our lives out,

just like patterns in the sky.


Nothing left to divide.

Smallest solitary quantify.

Eradicate the other side.

This is time,

and this is life.

Awakening is more than wise.

Opening of every eye,

and you see

there’s more to this

than we could ever multiply.


One and one,

and one and one,

we’re everywhere,

we’re everyone.

Stars traced into the universe,

we’re as numerous

as all of this.

The singular,

the multitude.


comes back to you.

It’s like waking from a dream.



HG – 2022

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