The Home Front


Quick with a word.

Quick with your wit.

Quick with your sword.

Quick with your fists.

Never a thought

for what I want,

just you and your move

to recruit for your cause.

Blood on your hands,

you don’t understand

the way that I feel,

not part of your plans.

You said you were armed

to keep me from harm,

but you don’t defend me,

you just give me scars.


If we are partners

in this

for real,

then why do I feel

so alone?

If there’s a fire

in you,

then why am I

so cold?


You said you would make

any sacrifice it would take

to keep me safe,

but you’re unaware

that I’m in the dark,

falling apart,

and I’m scared.

I’m aware

that there are monsters

our there.

I see you trying

to pierce the dark

to keep us safe,

to make this place

somewhere we can live our dreams,

but lately it seems

you forgot about us.


In here,

there’s love and life.

Don’t forget

that what you’re trying to defend

doesn’t want you to die at all.

We want you here,

inside these walls.

If the time comes

to fight,

I understand your mind,

but in the meantime

don’t leave us alone.

Don’t make our home

a prison,

for the things we can’t control.



HG – 2022

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