Good Morning


Good morning.

I hope today finds you okay.

Though that I had really lost you


Time it fades,

makes the memories pass away,

except when we hold on

like they’re our everything.



I don’t know what to say

to fix the things I broke,

or bring you back to me.

Maybe I am too far gone

for forgiveness,

but I know you at least

deserve this

good morning.


I hope the daylight finds your eyes

and dries up all those tears

that you cried last night.

I’m sorry

for every time I chose words wrong

and said things that made you think

I had forgotten us.

I know I’m selfish

and I know I’m cold,

but I want you to know

in the pink and gold

of a good morning

that I love you so.


I’m strong enough

to face all the mistakes I make.

It shouldn’t be up to you

to take the place

of my distrust and my distaste.

You’re in the same fight I’m in,

on my side and not against.


Good morning.

I know we don’t see eye to eye,

but on all the important things

we’re synchronized.

Good morning.

If we’re gonna make this

a life,

then we need to learn

to listen,

as well as speak our minds.

Because, when I wake up

and beside me I find


it’s truly

a good morning.



HG – 2022

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