Breaking Confederation


Learning to step lightly

in this


All the trappings

of a threat

are there.

The gun in your mouth,

the needle in your arm

tell me

you’re ready

to dissolve

this living arrangement.


It’s all about control.

It has always

only been about control.

That’s right;

every emotional plea,

every social cause,

every call to arms,

has been a lie

to coax you

into giving up

your life.


When they say

they’re protecting your rights,

they mean

your right to be silent.

Sit down.

Shut up.


or they’ll make

this whole world a grave.


Isn’t it magic?

The kingdoms we create

in the name of some lost cause.

Carry stones as slaves.

Clone another god.

We will not be safe

as long as this goes on,

but this game has been  played

for who knows how long.

And, we’re part of it.

Nodes in a network

that keeps us in our place.


What’s the alternative,

living outside the state?

Under a big sky

with a world

we have to face

on our own,

I think we’ve outgrown

living this way.

Each of us


infinite possibilities;

that is what

they’re trying to control.

It’s all about you.

It’s all about your soul.


No one can take away,

but you can hand it over.

We live day to day

the devil on our shoulder,

big brother on the wall,

cameras on every corner.

They want to take this world,

and you will hand it over

in exchange

for an alternate reality.

We are

reprogrammed so easily.


Don’t you remember

what it was like to be

autonomous being,

free to stare at the sky,

and dream,

and decide

your place

in the universe.

Our gaze is limitless.

Breaking with this


Is going to feel

like learning to fly

for the very first time.



HG – 2022

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