My Own Words


These words,

are my body;

they stand in my place.

When I am gone,

they will remain

to do work

in the world.


These thoughts,

are my mind,

my consciousness,

my curiosity,

and my will.

They will continue

to eke out

the mysteries of this world

when I have moved on

beyond the veil.


These words,

are my soul,

my eternal echo.

They are my spirit,

my wailing ghost,

my revenant.

Haunting the halls

of the living

long after I have shed

this mortal coil.


These words,

are the announcement of my birth.

My first birthday,

my first bike,

my first kiss,

my first fight,

my graduation speech,

and my wedding vows.


They are my career,

my love,

and my grief.

My quiet mourning,

and my joyful celebration.

These words are

my sleep,

my food,

my drink,

my smoke,

and my dreams that come in darkness.


My retirement,

and my tragedy.

My glory,

and one day,

they’ll be my eulogy;

my coffin,

my procession,

and my grave.

And the words inscribed

upon that resting place

will be




HG – 2022

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