Black Water Lake


Stay out of other water.

Don’t break

its perfect surface.

All of those angels come down


to drink

of its still waters.


You don’t have it in you,

not what you claim.


in any significance.

Exhort as you may,

I see you face

fashioned of pure belligerence.


Reaching away,

as if to say,

“I’m gonna dive right in

and there’s nothing

you can do to stop me.”

How true.


being right

has always meant

so much to you.


As you leap,

head first,

I wonder if your consciousness

will register

your mistake.


Black Water Lake,

is only one inch deep,

and when you

dive in,

you’re committing suicide.


Those beings

that you thought were angels

coming in and out of the water

are ghosts

of the dead ascended.


Don’t jump in.

There are signs all over,

but no one wants to believe

anything more

than what their eyes see.

You can do

whatever you want.


It’s true,

that this is your reality

as much as it is mine.

you can heed the words

and you can read the signs,

or you can jump

right in

and die.


The choice is yours.

You can be

another angel out there,

coming in

and going from this

Black Water Lake.



HG – 2022

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