Mental Health Monday – 07.04.22


Grief and strength.

We’re all going to lose.

A person.
A job.
A home.
A pet.
A relationship we cherish.

I remember coming to a very poignant, but morbid conclusion around forty years old;

“If you’re live a long amd healthy life, you’ll be around long enough to watch everything you love die.”

A tough thought to have, but it’s the truth.

Death is just a manifestation of time, and nothing in this world is permanent. So, it makes sense that we treat it as the inevitable force of nature that it is.

If you love, then you will grieve.

It’s that simple. I don’t think it’s possible to have one without the other. With that in mind, to deny your feelings of grief, is like denying yourself love; it’s destructive and unhealthy at the least.

To grieve is to be strong. To treat your emotions with the gravity and importance they deserve is not weakness. To allow yourself to feel the depth and breadth of your emotions is not a fault, but a natural part of healing; it’s part of the relationship.
To know grief is to know that your bond was strong enough to survive all things, but time, and even that isn’t sure. We don’t know what lies behind that final curtain.

If you love deeply, so too shall your grieve.
It’s okay. It will take time to deal with. The power of our emotions is a tempest that we don’t often feel we will come out of, but we will. Grief is an injury, a wound to our hearts and souls that requires a long and involved healing process. It needs to be felt to be achieved, denial only deepens the trauma.

So, if today finds you grieving, then know it is because you loved first. Love and be loved and take time to allow the fullness of your grief to be experienced. It is a storm you will survive. You are strong enough to feel it.

Try to find some solace in family, companions, or grief support groups. We are social creatures and forging and strengthening new bonds will help heal the ones that are broken.

Most of all, leave guilt, shame, anger and fear by the wayside. They will come, but they are not your friends.

If you can, have a great week.
If it’s a tough one, that’s okay.

Be well.

Much Love.

God Bless.


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