Leave all your time

outside in the rain.

Let the sky

wash it clean again.

So much old dirt

gets piled on us

over time,

that we get buried


before we can even try

to make life right,

to fix the wrongs,

to do

what we should have been doing

all along.


Thunder rolls

and we panic, now

when we wonder

of all the things we left out.

Let ’em get wet.

If they’re no good after that,

well then,

maybe it’s best we forget.

We spend so much time

fighting to keep

everything we thought was ours,

just to lose it all

in a little shower.


That doesn’t make sense.

It doesn’t add up.

Why would we try to hard

just to give up?

Why would we watch

the rain roll down

and think of all the things

we can’t do, now?


we have to wait it out

and learn to live

in the aftermath.


Silver linings

aren’t mined from sunshine.

The garden won’t grow

until the rain falls.

I hate to be the one

to say it,

but you needed this rain

to wash away the pain

that you just won’t let go.

I know,

it makes for a long, dark night,

and it’s frightening

to not be in control.


The fact is,

you never were.

All your power

was really an illusion,

something you made up

so you weren’t so afraid.

We lay in the beds we make

and after the rain,

we’ll go out in the yard

and see what new cards

we’ve been dealt.

Some things are gonna be

stuck in the mid,

but others will be clean.


It won’t matter

how we felt

in the storm,

the sun will come,

making everything green

and you’ll learn to forget

whatever it was

that made you feel

so lost

in the rain.


You’ll see,

life will come again.

You’ll smile,

and laugh,

and love,

and in time

you’ll enjoy the rain.

It won’t even remind you

of the times

that were washed away.



HG – 2022

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