New Dreams


Trying not to see

yesterday in my eyes.

Trying to keep room

for new dreams

in my mind.

Every morning

when I step outside,

there is space

and time

for something new,

something better.


I’m not the one I was.

I left who I was above,

when I flew on scarlet wings,

and thought I could do anything.

Dreams they come

and dreams they go.

Truths betrayed

and laying low,

but I’ve become another soul

and thrown some old dreams

out the window.


I don’t want to fly again.

I’m happy right here

on the ground.

Memories of all that pain

seem to want to hang around.

I’m okay with it,

I’m alright with who I’ve been.

Let the old dreams go,

because I know

I’ll fall asleep again.


Wake up to this new Sun,

a new dream

already begun,

and I believe

I’m not the only one

seeing this

new dream

for the first time.


Same old me,

same old eyes.

Same old problems,

same old mind.

Fall asleep waiting,

half the time

for these new dreams of mine.

I can’t lie

and I can’t hide.

Try as I might

to leave behind

these old days,

this old pain,

the good, old kind.


I know how I was made

and play my side.

Wake up everyday

and it seems

I still find

new space

for new dreams

with time.



HG – 2022

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