The Inquisition


Tell me

what to ask from today

and I will seek its ear

and plead my case.

Tell me

what it is you want

and I will find it

and bring it to you.


Until you speak it,

you haven’t thought it.

Before your breath

catches in your chest,

you have not felt it.

Before, you thought

that you understood

what you wanted,

but now you see

you don’t even know

who you are.


Are you really here?

Or did you dream yourself

from some other state?

Is this the beginning,

prosthelytized “Alpha”,

or is this the end?

“Omega”, they named

the never escapable state

where we all go;

The Singularity.


Are you a piece

of shattered reality?

Did you cut yourself free

of your bonds?


I don’t think so,

because if that were true,

you would know

if you were a dream,

or a premonition.


What do you want?

Such a hard question.

The answer is not a word,

a noun, a verb, a sound.

Nor is it a feeling,

because feelings

are responses to stimuli.

Results of things.

not things in and of themselves.


Anything at all,

it can be yours.

Just tell me

who you are,

and what you want.

It isn’t so hard,

is it?

It isn’t impossible.

Could it be

that you don’t know

who you are

at all?



HG – 2022

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