There is nothing

to compare this to.

No past,

no future.

Everything an in-between;

no Genesis,

no Revelations.

Just constant animosity

set against

unquestionable beauty.


There are no words

to describe this place

that do it justice,

yet we feel

compelled to try.

Paint the sky,

a holy vision.

Divide the horizon,

sky from ground.

Everything above,

everything below

is esoteric mystery,

or history unclaimed.


So easy to get lost

inside this nebula.

We think of life

as a timeline,

but that’s as wrong

as the weatherman.

We are more than linear,

something unlike a projectile.

We come into this world,

live and die,

changing everything we touch.

In and out,


as if

we didn’t exist at all.


Do we appear

somewhere else,

or are we

the legacy of our actions?

Not just rocks in a pond,

I think we’re more

like light particles.

Energized bits

of quantum matter

moving in and out

of existence,

within our

little nebula.

Within our

little universe.




I think

we’re limitless.



HG – 2022

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