Here I am,

throwing myself at the sky.

Watching this fire


Stirring the coals,

urging my soul

to fly.


All alone,

but I made myself this way.

I could have asked you

to stay,

and you would,

because you’re good

as the words

you say.


I find myself fallen down,

seeking the best around.

To lift me up,

it’s easy, but

I’m staked to the ground.


There’s no place

left to go,

except up.

I can feel it

rising in my blood.

Trying to let go

of the only way I know

isn’t easy,

but it needs to be



Here I am,

throwing myself at the stars,

don’t seem to get very far

before I come back,

not sure what I lack

for them to reject me this hard.


I thought that we were made

all of the same

dust and stuff,

but that’s not enough

for them to take me away.


We’re grounded down here.

It should be clear,

that all of our problems

would be absolved

of we turned our eyes away from fear.


It’s just us

and our

wild imaginations,

turning father against son,

nation against nation.

I thought we might have learned

by now.

We know how all this turns out.


So, I keep lifting my eyes

and throwing myself

at the sky

and coming back again.



HG – 2022

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