Peeling Atoms


Struggling to breathe,

to contain the rhythm

of my heart beat.

Take it down, now.

Dive in,

be slow.

We’re gonna have to ride this out.



the fury

of these emotions.

Staying calm,

while the tempest

rages inside.

You smile,

and I smile,

and I realize

that what’s on the outside

is just a lie.


No desire to reveal

who I am

to what you are.

I know what my face conceals,

but anything could be

behind those eyes,

that perfect smile.

Your skin could conceal

my undoing.



it gets so

that I can

barely contain myself.

I wonder if you know

how it feels

to be stressing at the seams,

to blur along the edges?


If I let it out,

will I destroy myself?

Will I destroy you?

Would we survive

the explosion?


You are inside,

an angel,

or sometimes a monster.

We are tragedies,

and victories

all contained

in these

clever  little skin suits.


Maybe I

can split the skin

and let you see

what’s underneath.

Maybe you could do the same

and we could play

with each other’s insides,

until we spill out,

like two realities


Chaos and Death,

for sure,

but what a beautiful ending.


Who are you,

for real?

How can I reveal

who I am

if I’m not even sure


Can it hurt to try?

Does it hurt

to die


to be free

to believe

there’s something else out there.


Show me

and I’ll show you.

We are not alone.

We are free to be


at this time in existence.

If I have

all of this in me,

what do you have

in you?


Let’s see.



HG – 2022

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