This is not the path.

I am not your savior.

I’m every mistake

you’ll make,

until you find your way.

You’re so vulnerable

in the eyes

of a predator.

Watching you become strong,

ready soon

to meet the visitors.


Don’t hang

one person’s body

on the tree,

and treat it like

something to worship.

A little dose of reality

goes a long way

when tasting hardship.


You will never run


The picture

in front of your nose

only becomes clearer

when you realize

it’s a mirror

reflecting you, infinitely.



don’t bet on me.

I’m still trying to

decipher myself.

If I guide you,

look to what I am not,

what I’ve done wrong,

for I am

an easier opponent

than an ally.


Tell the truth;

you always knew it, too.

I don’t blame


or the Universe,

this curse,

is magic of my own conjuring.


Let your sight

be your own.

Let your life

live and grow.


do the impossible.

Pass through

that which is not a door,

and move

into someplace new.


Be a leader

whose aim is true.



HG – 2022

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