Song for the Singular


Careful with this,

my only one.

You are not delicate,

but you are singular.

There has never been,

nor will there be another

quite like you;

you were made different.

The world out there

will tell you you’re the same

as any of the others

in their brood,

but lies are cut in

everything they say,

they don’t want you

to know the truth.


They want you to join them

in their drunken ballet

of tortured misery.

They’ll tell you it’s great,

and while berating the same,

explain why it’s okay

not to be.

Outraged at this world.

Cynical and worse.

Crisis actors

looking for their next role,

the next disaster,

to throw themselves on the floor

and beg of you,

and plead with you

to join them in their milieu.


You are something else,

set aside

in your purpose.

Child of a guiding light.

Keep your head up

above the surface.

They’re gonna try to pull you down.

They’re gonna try to drown you

and your dreams

for standing out.

For speaking out,

for looking around,

but it will be

in your nature

to shine a light into the dark,

and live

as thought you will never die.

Even when you do,

the world will know more truth,

than if you stood aside,

amongst the unkind.

Never close your eyes.

Never apologize

for living your life.



HG – 2022

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