Divine Particles


There’s no stopping, now.

Like the coming

of a new day dawns,

we are inevitable.

Our phases,

like the face of the moon,


but always towards us,

never away.


Life never takes its eyes

off of us.

We stand,


even as we hurtle

through a vast, dying cosmos

in which we, too

are dying.


Burning in.

Burning out.

Slipped into the time stream,

like an added scene,

shot post production.

We had to be here,

but not “here”.


somewhere else,

as if our position

changes by being observed.


or a state of existing

everywhere at once.

An immutable fact.


We rise

and light the day,

and fall again.

We touch,

and are touched

in kind.

We create,

and erase

our own existence,

purely acknowledging

that we are here,

and now.


Where do we go next?

I guess

that’s the big question

of matter and energy.

What form

will we take

after this?

What light

on the horizon

will hail our new day?


We disappear

and reappear

in some other state,

some other place,

shining brilliantly.



HG – 2022

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