Disappearing Act


You need to get moving on.

I’ve tried to push you,

pull you,

drop you from a high place,

but when I turn back around

I find you here,

imprinted on this space and time.


I want you to disappear.

I want to blink,

and when I do,

I want to not see you

sitting there,

trapped in a memory.


I see you

see yourself,

and somewhere in there

you lost the direction,

and all your momentum.

I know you’re scared,

because it’s a big world out there

and you’ve been wounded.


Once was one time too many.

It’s hard

to convince you

that the scars you pick up

along the way

don’t all add up

to a tragedy.


All those things

that pass before your eyes,

out there in the sky;

they make you more amazing.

So easy to just lay back

and let the fear

seep into your bones,

like smoke,

like the feeling

of letting go.


But, it’s all fake.

They’re gonna find you here,

lost to the world,

because you were too afraid

to escape.

I’ll buy your way.

A bus ticket,

or a plane.

Whatever it takes

to erase you

from this landscape.


You ought to be everywhere.

You are meant for anywhere,

other than this.

This isn’t an existence.

This is keeping

the game on pause,

because you got to the hard part.

Don’t trap your heart here.




HG – 2022

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