Runner’s High


There’s nothing here

that you didn’t leave behind.

This is the same place

that you escaped.

The only fear

is what you keep in your mind.

There is a way out.


Nothing quite like running.

The lungs strain for air,

the legs stretch

and push you


The mind becomes clear,

but in the end,

you still come back

to where you started.


Everything’s the same.

All that’s changed

is within you.

Nothing so terrible

as sinking back

into comfort,

letting your mind

cloud  over,

finding the cover

of familiarity.


There is no

sadder death

than a quiet one.

Out there,

sweat on your face,

you know that you’re alive.

Everyone needs something

to run to.

Everyone needs a place to die.


Feel it in you,

that pure

runner’s high.

Did you remember

to turn around this time?

Are you somewhere new?

Do you like the view,

or do you want

to look behind?


Everything stays the same,

if you return and face

the things that steal

the wind from your sails.

Or, you can just run

and keep running,

on forever,

until you find

a peaceful place to die.


like a runner’s high.



HG – 2022

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