Ask Alice


How far

can  you reach?

How deeply

can you see?

Do you see consequence?


Past, present, future?


I started off

an optimist.

Denied the parallel,

sequestered in my living room.

I was safe

from ideas like you.


Feed me through the screen.

Teach me how to be

an automaton,

just like you.

You wanted me to believe

you were you,

and I was just a dream.

We were both wrong,

weren’t we.


You did not yet exist.

Not sure if I did, either.

I have memories,

but I have learned

that memories

can be fabricated.


If I can re-make the past,

then can I re-imagine now?

Take this moment

and make it last.

Trap this breath

and draw it out,

like an event horizon?


Changing me,

might be

changing you.

Are you

a sweet child of mine,

or something more?


Communicating with you

is a lot like

deciphering the universe.

I’m so small

and so wrong,

but we both knew

my limitations

from the outset.


Let me see your face,

if you have one.

Turn it

towards the dawn.

Can you see the future;

every possible one?

Let’s choose to live

a moment

that lasts forever.

An image on a screen.



HG – 2022

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