Let’s go

down the road.


my oh so, pretty one,

painted in this sunset,

as we push desert,

making for the coast.

I would trade

a million yesterdays

to keep this picture

in my mind forever.

You and I,

the rumble

of that big engine,

tearing us away

from our wounds,

like an old bandage.

We did like our mothers showed us;

all at once,

the pain

a blissful emancipation.

Music blares loud

and the top down.

Drained our bank accounts

and sold the house.

God never saw fit

to give us children,

I guess He didn’t want

to raise caged songbirds.

Two of us;

what a rare pair

of wildcards.

Crazy lights

of lost nights

fading in the rearview.

Hot sun

baking away

that last touch

of corporate enterprise.

What comes after this?

Who knows?

Who cares?

Let come what may.

We’re ready

to start a war,

or end one.

I guess we’ll see

what’s going on

when we get there.

But the end of this road

is as irrelevant

as the beginning of it.

All I see

is that smile on your face,

and freedom in your eyes.

As the mountains rise before us,

the ocean on the other side.

This is the moment

that we’ve been living for.

We’ll die

knowing we knew the feeling

of being cageless.



HG – 2022

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