Mental Health Monday – 05.30.22



The cold, analytical mind, over the burning heart of passion.

We know something is wrong and we want to change it. Now.

Oh, we are an impatient and petulant species. Quick to anger, quick to fight, and quick to love. Quick to choose sides, and quick to abandon them. We follow our impulses, our lusts, and our passions. We act without thinking, without taking in the consequences of our actions, and we are brilliant, shining beings for all of it.

“You can’t fuck it up fast enough.”

In shooting we call it, “Rushing the shot”. Pressing the trigger before you have your stance, grip, sight alignment, and sight picture. What happens when we rush the shot? We miss. We miss and we live with the consequences.

If you’re making financial decisions for your family, should you rush those decisions? If you’re a team leader responsible for the safety of your team, do you not take the time to examine the potential risks of your choices? Why then, would we not take the time to make good choices about our mental health?

Impulsively is the path to ruin. I mean, sure, listen to your gut and trust your instincts,  but making choices about nutrition, exercise, and sleep ought to be  considered carefully. Drug and alcohol use have to be a bigger thought than, “Ah, fuck it!”. Relationships need to be vetted on the basis of whether they are good for us, not whether they fill an immediate sexual need. We know where those kind of rushed choices lead us, and it’s not good.

I can’t tell you to have Faith. Faith is something you come to on your own, but I can tell you to take your time with the things that are important. Exercise patience, and you’ll find it gets easier with time. Of course, having the benefit of a few decades to live with the consequences of terrible decisions makes patience easier, too.


Have a great week.

Be well.

To my friends in the USA, Happy Memorial Day. We will honor the fallen.

Stay #SavageAndWonderful

Much Love!


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