The Knot


Conscious of every word.

Careful not to dissuade you.

The journey that you’re on

is crucial and near impossible.

Tying your eminence

to your fruitfulness

is like throwing up

a noose in a cherry tree

at full bloom.


Do I teach you to tie

the knot that that only binds?

Do I teach you to live

with the consequence

of every decision made?

Perhaps I put you off the scent;

show you horrors

to drive you back to the fold,

but the world needs more

than cattle these days.


Do I take a chance

and give you rope?

Maybe hope that you

will learn to bind the wicked.

You deserve the truth,

but in this day and age

the truth

is a deadly weapon.


So, what is worse?

Docile ignorance,

and letting you

get tangled in the coil,

or showing you

the sharpness of the blade,

the noise of the gun,

or the roughness of the rope

against your skin.


This world can make you deadly,

but it cannot

make you good.

I think I know the answer,


I think I can untie

the knot,

just like I hope you will learn to.



HG – 2022

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