Mental Health Monday – 05.23.22


There are no medals for toughness.

I tell my team all the time, “No one is going to build a statue in your honor if you die at work. If you want glory in death, then be a soldier, or a police officer,  or a firefighter. No one is paying you to put your life on the line here.”

You only get one life.

One chance at loving your wife and kids.

One chance to experience the fullness of all this world has to offer.

Why hang that up on pride?

Talk to someone. Find an outlet. Learn to meditate, and do it regularly.

For fuck sake, cry once in a while. Bad shit happens. We get hurt. It won’t kill you, but bottling it up until it becomes a toxic poison in your body, mind, and spirit will.

If you need help, ask.

There are many resources. So many.

Consider this; if your car, or truck were acting up, wouldn’t you take it to mechanic? What is the first thing a mechanic will do? Look under the hood and check for obvious signs of damage and run a diagnostic.

And you’ll pay handsomely, even happily.

So why not put some the same care and investment that you put into your ride, into yourself.

Do yourself a favor. Treat yourself well. Being tough is awesome, but Ina lot of ways, being tough is bullshit.

Learn to allow yourself to honestly and completely experience the good and the bad of the world, and if shit gets too hard, then please, call for help. Suffering in silence isn’t tough, it’s stupid.

We need everyone.

Have a great holiday Monday and a great week.

God Bless.

Stay #SavageAndWonderful

Much Love.


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