Entombed in Culture


Digging down to the roots,

trying to expose

the very center of you.

It’s been so long

since you’re seen the Sun,

buried in

your own condition.

Choosing to be

is such a difficult endeavor.

Choosing to be

who you are,

whatever that is,

is damn near impossible.


Born and placed in a framework.

Go to school,

work nine to five.

Media to tell you

which identity to choose,

but you have to stay

within the lines.

Consequences detrimental.

Never have a chance

to be you.

Layer upon layer

of conditioning,

so much time and effort

put into curating

a perfect fool.


Under all of this

paint and dye,

hormones and hazards,

the being

that reflects

the true nature of the universe


entombed in culture.

These words

might be a shovel,

digging into that top layer.

Can you hear that help is coming?

Can you hold on a little longer?


No disguise

and no mistakes.

You are

such a strange creation.

Why do you think

it was so important

to indoctrinate you,

cultivate you,

relegate you

and bury you under the weight

of broken dreams,

and mediocre expectations?


Hear the sounds,

of the earth moving,

shovels in the ground,

coming to free you.


Hold on.



HG – 2022

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