Blue Dawn


What truths

come through

in this new

soft light?

What words

will come,

before we see

the Sun?

What fates

will seal,

what days

will yield

to us

in times

to come?


What love awaits?

What game abates,

the solemn shift

of the sky?

What hatred breaks?

We do await

the coming

of a sign.

What day?

What hour?

What chord?

What note?

We hear

the song,

by writ,

by wrote.

We call,

but all

the echoes


is lost


the way



Meaning infused

in a morning.

Blue light comes

to chase the night

from our eyes.

We rise

to greet the angels

only to find

a wide open,

empty sky.

The same

as the stars reside.

Where we sat


in the night

and cried

at our plight.


we make it right.



HG – 2022

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