Mental Health Monday – 05.16.22



We’ve all heard the term. What does it mean?

To me it feels like one of these big, nebulous words we have in the English language, that’s supposed to describe something important, but instead describes nothing at all.

I think a better word might be “Why?”.

We don’t always have some greater, overarching purpose driving and incentivising our actions, but we can ask “Why?”.

“Why am I getting up early?

So I can write before work.”

“Why am I saving my money?

So I can retire one day.”

“Why do I feel happy/sad/excited?”

“Why does this person’s opinion affect me?”

“Why should I eat to be healthy?”

These are valid and useful questions, that when answered honestly might help us provide some insight into ourselves. I think this is better than searching for some kind of big, all-encompassing idea like “purpose”, when all we require is to understand ourselves in this moment.

So, ask yourself “Why?” And maybe, in time, you will find your purpose.

Find the lamp inside of you.

Have a great week.

Be #SavageAndWonderful

Much Love.


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