Thought Pathology


A sickness spreads,

seeking an immunity.

Only then

can it become

a new thing.

Solving for solutions.

Opening boxes

we can’t close.

Life is one of those.


Is this

a planet,

or a Petri dish?


Everything here

is an experiment.

Rough hypothesis,


ends without incident.

Makes the endeavor

a failure,

no expression.


No observable change,

until the experimenter

looks in the mirror

and sees something strange.

Some God-like image

in the frame.


Unknown whether side effects


or can the curse

be reversed?

Can the world

be reclaimed?


Can the phenomenon

be un-observed?

Once we learn,

can the expansion

of the universe

be curbed?


Ideas spread

along synaptic pathways.

Building new connections,

new wormholes

in reality.

Here to there

seems such a leap

this side of the light.

The photons

only just hitting the eye.


The future unobserved

and yet,

it thrives.

Sicknesses are cured,

until they infect the mind,

then they become ideas,

and ideas never die.



HG – 2022

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