You stay closed to me.

Walled off,

like an ancient city.

What are you protecting?

What are you afraid of?

I thought we had agreed

that we would seek

common ground.



on the battlefield,

but we refined.

Our warfare civilized,

so if we disagreed

we could settle things

with little bloodshed.


You do not engage,

no matter how hard

I try to provoke you.

No matter what I say,

or do,

you will not let me in.


I know you believe

some pretty backwards things.

I know you think

thoughts that are dangerous.

I know sometimes,

you really don’t like me

and my kind,

and I want to know why,

but you won’t tell me.


You have been colluding

with the powers that be

to get rid of me.

You would use all the power

at your disposal

to wipe me out.


Manipulate the past,

to change the present conversation,

to undermine the validity

of my existence.

You want me dead,

and all those like me.


I keep waiting

for my neighbors and colleagues

to turn against me.

I know you are planning

another holocaust.

Why won’t you admit it?

The hate in your heart,

the way you dehumanize us

with language and symbols

of your hate and derision.


I know it’s how you’re feeling.

Open up,

so I can get inside

and tear all of that evil

out of you.

Why won’t you let me in,

so that I

can cure you of your wickedness?

Cleanse you of dark spirits.


You turned on me.

Betrayed me.

Broke our special little code.

We were supposed to be equals,

but now,

you want to be alone.

I would rather destroy you

than let you go.


If you don’t let me in

to change you from the inside,

then I will do it with fire,

and then  you will tell me

how you really feel.

All that hatred

will spew out of you

and just before you die,

you will be exorcised,

and I will be justified.


Why would you make me do this?

What do you have to hide?

Tell me all your secrets,

I need to steal them,

before it comes down

to the dissonance

of blood and fire,

where only victory

is Truth.



HG – 2022

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