Feeling it out.

Desperately seeking

the seam in the wall.


Got to find

a way out.



in this darkness,

there are things with teeth

that cut us

until we bleed

and devour us.


We should have learned

to cover up

these open doors.

Finding the fine line

or a passage hidden.

Who knew

when we got here

it would be so hard

to escape?




Open and explore through,

like a fire

starved for air

for a long time.


Once out,

it’s so easy

to see these

open doors


and know that


could be coming through.


Shake my head

to clear my vision.

This is it.

Getting over the jet lag,

a trans-dimensional



Are we free?

Did we make it?

Hold on.

Look at the teeth

on that one.



HG –  2022

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