No Fixed Address


This is of

no consequence,

like right of left

don’t make sense.

One is done,

the other wrong,


as time goes on.


Never felt restricted

until I inflicted

their ideas upon myself.

Came up barely breathing.

Cannot shake this feeling

of drowning in a well.

The thing that sustains,

closes up above

and I am unable

to climb free.


That’s why I take great pains

to protect those I love,

and do what I can

to keep finding

my own way.


These parables

and obstacles,

meant to help,

meant to hinder.

So many misunderstand

that their first mistake

is to linger,

but never lift a finger.



are pathologies.

No regrets,

all apologies.

You think you know

the deal and the score,

but nothing’s real anymore.


That’s why I

keep moving on.

No fixed address;

see me and I’m gone.

Trying to escape

the coming dawn.

It’s gonna be a hot one.


I’m wrong.



HG – 2022

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