all of this.

Weighing by the eye.


little bits of detritus

that comes

with every handful.


I alight

on the rooftop

of an old church.

From here,

I can see

a million stars

and a thousand miles

in every direction.


Relegate history.

It’s not what it was.

Packaging expires,

even though it’s good inside.


Cart before the horse.

Horse before the cart.

One way

only goes

one way.


Better let it simmer,

like a hot, humid July afternoon.

A fact,

remains deficient

when there’s no skin

in the game.


Functionally irrelevant.

Despise the antidote,

even if the sickness

is spreading.

Even if it’s fake.

Even if it’s poison.

The water here

used to be clear,

but now it runs



Shame to be a revelation.

These days,

it’s the only thing that drives.

Bet it runs the stick


the words of an old prophet

emblazoned on the dash.


Truth should be taken lightly.

Two shots to the head.

One miraculous suicide.

Rise again.

Every day,

feeling the urge

to dig deeper,

fly higher,

and still wonder.


Sky shots.

All the way out

into infinity.

Watch it flare out.

This looks real,

even in the negative.

Prosper on nothing.

Words are flesh.

Love it like gene therapy.


Break off the mountain

and smash down,

like a conscious avalanche.

Achieve the heights,

then settle in the valley.

The water’s warm here,

long draws,

and simple baptisms.


We can speak

and hear

what we’re saying.



HG – 2022

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