Thief of Dreams


You were too good to me.

You gave me everything,

but I

was not

what you


Wearing you

and your words

was easy.


like designer clothes.

Cut to fit,

but I

was never meant

to wear them

for very long

at all.


I wonder how it hurt you

to see me peel away

the things that made me great,

the face that you embraced.

I was only there

to live your dreams

and fulfill

all your



There is a danger

in dealing in wishes.

Dreams are the highest

value of currency.

Once you learn

to trade

in the ethereal,

you never go back

to blood,

and sweat,

and tears.

Such paltry coinage.


I wonder if you recognize me, now.

Wearing my new skin.

I see you from afar,

lost look in your eyes,

seeking the dreams, I took

when I was satisfied.

I wonder what it’s like

to look out at the world

and not have any hope,

or wonder,

or faith left



Careful what you wish for.

There’s more than me out there,

fulfilling wishes

and taking

the light out of life

for our own amusement.


I’ll be there,

then I’ll be gone.

You’ll wonder if I was ever

really there at all.

But you’ll know

you’re missing something.

The dream you lived

has withered,

leaving you barren

and wondering

if you ever really dreamed at all.



HG – 2022

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