This is not what it was.

It can’t be.

Too much time

has come and gone.

Pretending that we

are somehow immune

to growth and entropy

is just childish,

magical thinking.


I can see that you’re afraid,

and you know that I am, too.

We’re connected by wires

that slowly are corroded through.

We have seen

so many times,

the ships that drift from shore

when they become unmoored

and are lost in the storm.


Fear and love do funny things.

Sometimes we will cut our strings

that keep us up,

that give us love,

because we fear losing them.

What silly creatures we are,

acting against our own self-interest,

only because we’re afraid

that we might become disconnected.


We unplug ourselves

and find that we’re

still receiving signals.

Not from where

we used to,

but somewhere residual.

Like we can feel

the heat of the Sun

all over us,

not connected by

some narrow window.


Who knew

that we were wireless?


not limited

to our fingertips.

Eye to eye,

or separated by miles,

I can still feel you,

hear you,

see you,

in exquisite rendering.


No need to be afraid.

Cut the cord

and drift away.

You’re with me

and I’m with you.


we are connected.



HG – 2022

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