Life of Fungus


What is this dark

that falls upon us?

This silence covers

like a blanket,

deeper than the stars

can penetrate.


Hold on,

let me peek outside,

but I fear

it is only getting worse.

Those that have cried

for justice

are now realizing

that it is not coming

so, they have settled

for blood.


Stake your claim

and state your currency.

By this writ

will you be paid.

Judgment will be meted

by the measure

of your choosing.

Isn’t that a comfort?


So, we sit here

in our ignorance.

Sometimes disconnecting

is a blessing.

I don’t know

of anyone,

who can handle everything,

all of the time

and live for very long.


Some people decry

the life of fungus,

kept in the dark,

and fed shit constantly.

What they don’t understand

is the delicate nature

of the biome,

and how they’re killing themselves

and their children

by being out there,

in the light

of ten million eyes.


Sometimes it’s best to hide.

The dark can be

our comfort and our friend,

from the withering gaze

of the light.

What do we become?

Nourished and nourishment.

Feeding the mind

in neurogenesis.

When this darkness lifts

what will we find?

A whole world


while we still live,

to find a third side.



HG – 2022

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